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Booking a Cake

» When should I book my cake?
» How do I place an order?

Q. When should I book my cake?


We require a minimum of 7 days notice for specialty cake bookings.

For the months between September and April we suggest booking 6-8 weeks ahead for wedding cakes and a minimum of 2 weeks for other celebration cakes to avoid disappointment.

All other months, 2 - 4 weeks for weddings and 1 week for other cakes.

We do book out for wedding cakes but work on a first-in-first-served basis.  If you are unsure of what you want, you may like to put down a non-returnable deposit of $50.00 to secure your spot. The design and flavour can then be finalised closer to the date.

Wedding cakes require a 30% deposit, 2 months before the event, and full payment 2 weeks before.

Speciality cakes require a minimum deposit of $50.

Cakes ordered in store and online attract a 10% bookkeeping fee.

Cakes requiring delivery must be paid in full before the day.

If you are collecting your cake the balance can be paid on the day. 

 We accept Cash, EFTPOS, Bank Transfer and Credit card (MasterCard or Visa). 

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Q. How do I place an order?


 You can order directly through our web site, via email, phone or come into our shop between 8am and 12:30pm Tuesday to Saturday. 

Phone and in store orders attract a 10% bookkeeping fee. 

No appointment is necessary  if you visit the shop between 8 an 12.30 each day. 

Orders require a 30% deposit that can be paid by credit card, cash or directly into our bank account.

If delivery  is required, full payment must be made before the cake is delivered. This can be done over the phone by credit card.

Quotes, free tastings and design are only available between 8 and 12.30 Tuesday to Saturday.  

Pre-ordered cakes can be collected until 5pm Tuesday to Friday (by ringing the door bell if after 12.30pm).


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